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Back in Malawi

I thought it would be hard to transition back to life in Malawi, but it feels more like slipping into a pair of running shoes after spending a few months in high heels. The plane landed and it was like a switch flipped – no more preparing or worrying, just diving back into life and friendships here. We did hit the ground running, from picking up new sim cards for our phones on the way back from the airport to getting our car’s Certificate of Fitness the first afternoon we were back. (Our Subaru Forrester failed its test before we left, so we were so thankful it passed). We are so thankful for all those of you praying for our first 48 hours back. Everything flowed supernaturally smoothly, and so many wonderful friends here took care of us as we sped from Lilongwe to Nkhoma and back again, and again. We’ve collected up most of our things, which fit perfectly in our new house. We have a big yard which the dogs are already starting to enjoy, and Greg was thrilled to see some monkeys in the trees this evening. It’s a bit surreal, but we’re actually here, we’re finally home. I am hoping to meet the team and start working in the next week. Nkhoma is hosting a large (250 nurses) life-support training conference, so that will keep everyone busy, I’m sure. I can’t wait to start seeing some of my old patients back in Lilongwe on Wednesdays, so please join me in prayer that details work out for that quickly. Greg is set to start teaching week after next, and planning to teach Systematic Theology and Church History at the Nazarene college again. This month, please pray for: - Safety and a peaceful end to the unrest following Malawi’s election - Wisdom as we settle in to our new house and new roles - Health as we transition back into our Malawi lifestyle Thank you for your prayers, support, and communication, - Greg and Christina

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