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December 2020 Update: A Time to Rest

Merry Christmas! We pray that everyone has been able to find a way to share this time with family and friends. Christina and I are blessed to be able to be near some of our own family as we are back in the states for a little while.

Two weeks of quarantine, or more accurately, two weeks of rest, two weeks of reflecting on the past year and looking forward to the next. That is how we spent the last two weeks at a friend’s house outside of Houston. We originally traveled to Texas for a meeting with our organization, but due to Covid, the meeting was canceled, the necessary talks were instead held over the phone. And so, we found ourselves in Sugarland, with nowhere to be and nothing needing to be done. For the first time in over a year, Christina found herself forced to relax, unable to pick up pieces or solve problems. Since living in Malawi, Christina has become more and more interested in the concept of Sabbath. Of a time of rest, to be able to praise our God, and to think upon who we are and where we belong within His creation. Despite such interest, she is rather bad at the practice of it. She has gotten much better, with usually one day each weekend reserved to just trying to relax, but it is not an easy task for those who are so goal oriented. While we were in Sugarland, relaxing and reflecting seemed to be the only options. Perhaps this is why the last two weeks in Texas felt so unique, and ultimately felt like such a blessing. Near the end of our stay, we were plotting how to miss our plane flight and remain in a safe and comfortable bubble for the foreseeable future.

This last year has been filled with challenges of nearly every type, both before and after we decided to stay in Malawi through the first wave of the pandemic. Now that the second wave is hitting the northern hemisphere, we still have some weeks of furlough left in America. As long as travel remains open, we plan to return to Malawi on Feb 15th, hopefully with some fresh perspectives, renewed energy, and intentional strategies. Before then, we should still have some time to connect with our partners and loved ones over zoom or in person as possible. Let us know if you would like to chat, and please join us in prayer for safety and wisdom in Malawi as decisions are made about covid-19 prevention

Thanks for your prayers and support,

Greg and Christina

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