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May Monthly Details

Pastors in the Villages

At the end of the month, Greg accompanied the District Superintendent and the district’s newly trained Community Development leaders to Mkhwalasa to meet with area chiefs and a committee of faith leaders. Over the past year, this community has come together to build their own school so that their children can be educated nearby without having to cross a dangerous river. Over the next month, Greg is planning to connect with more pastors in the Mphewa area to follow up on Transformational Development training, and Christina is planning a teaching day for young women in the Mngwangwa region. Read more about the amazing things happening in communities at

The Dzaleka Refugee Camp

We have been increasingly intentional about ministry in Malawi’s refugee camp. This month we helped YWAM staff implement a program to help address medical needs in sustainable ways. Christina met with the director of the medical clinic at the camp to discuss ways to improve healthcare infrastructure. We have partnered with our friends at Inua Consulting to brainstorm ideas to increase their donor base and enable greater impact on long-term solutions for refugees in Malawi. Learn more about Inua Consulting at

Christian Health Service Corps Member Care

Christina is working with CHSC leadership to brainstorm ways to make our organizations Missionary Care more accessible and relevant. Please pray for wisdom about whether Greg can assist with spiritual care needs in the organization, and for our missionaries overall

Stories of Patient Transformation

Christina celebrated with a patient who lost 20 kg (about 44 pounds) over the last year through discipline and lifestyle medicine. She lost more than 20% of her original body weight and improved her sugars and blood pressure without medication and is feeling great. Christina is planning to present a topic on healthy weight loss as a lecture for her colleagues at ABC Clinic next month. She is also working on presenting cases like this to the American Board of Lifestyle Medicine to complete her application as a Lifestyle Medicine Intensivist

A Wellness Center at the Lake?

Our friends have a long-term plan to build a wellness center in Salima, on Lake Malawi. Their plans include a place where people can come for classes and interventions involving nutrition, weight loss, stress management, getting away from toxic substances and returning to God’s peace. Please pray for us as we consider how we might be able to join our friends and connect others with similar passions for transformation through lifestyle medicine.

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