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Packing Light

I’ve been practicing packing light. Well, in some ways. All my clothes and toiletries and books for this trip would fit into a medium-sized purse. If you count my box of teas and chocolates, it would still fit in a large purse or medium basket. But I suppose you can’t count just clothes and toiletries. I did pack a yoga mat, and an extra pillow, and two blankets. Our friend Roberta had visited this lodge last week, and told us that the nights and mornings were cold. So we didn’t want to take chances and packed triple jackets and indoor slippers. Greg brought a flashlight, some charge cords, backup power, and a device to pump his own car tires using the plug from the car. Turns out that we needed that.

We brought three phones, partly because I had shattered my screen last week and we hadn’t been able to transfer everything to my new phone yet. We knew that there was no reception at this place, not unless we climbed to the top of a nearby hill, which we did a few times, like when I remembered that I forgot to notify some patients to come pick up papers at the clinic.

We brought dozens of water bottles, it wouldn’t do to be dehydrated. Our friend told us that this place provided hot water for tea, so we brought a flask to keep water hot longer, and I always travel with an extra teacup, I like using a cute little one instead of the big mugs they have around.

I forgot bug spray, but Greg brought it. We figured this place would have towels, but we brought our own toilet paper and soap just in case, which we didn’t need. We were “self-catering” which means that we paid half-price for the vacation experience but we would find our own food. We brought a pizza with us from a 2-for-1 deal in town before we left. I also brought lettuce, dressing, fruit, and yogurt. We planned to order meals off the 7-item menu while we were there (much cheaper than ordering full board) but I wasn’t taking chances with going the full time without veggies. Lucky for me, that also provided leftover Tupperware to store leftovers from the delicious food we ordered.

We arrived early and checked out early. We enjoyed the place with the sound of the river and the big moon and the quiet. There were no other guests while we were there. But after a relaxing night of going to bed early and waking up early, drinking about 10 cups of tea, and finishing my book, there was not much left to do.

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