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Sabbath before New Year’s Day

The neighborhood roosters woke me up before 6, but I was well rested because I got myself to bed on time last night. The morning is beautiful, I love to walk around our yard when the sun has just risen. I turn on our lovely porch fountain and bring some rainwater from the bucket to fill it up a bit more. We have power today so I am able to heat some oats in the microwave and use my kettle for tea. I whip up some matcha and sip it under the grape arbor. I count 27 roses blooming and I know that there are even more than that in the back yard, such beautiful colors and delightful smells. I eat a Christmas cookie with my bitter matcha, loving the way that the ginger compliments the tea.

I eat my oats with some fancy mixed nuts, we still have some left from our last trip to the US, but I mix them with local macadamia nuts so that they last longer. I decide to brew a red oolong, one of my favorites in the past. I take some deep breaths during the steep time – I decided that I can get more time in for deep breathing and meditation if I apply my tea steeping time. Just like I decided I should pray while brushing my hair. I love that my hair is longer than its ever been, but with the humid climate, water pressure issues, and my frequent runs and core workouts, it gets a bit tangled. So last night I got a nice 9 minutes of uninterrupted prayer time, untangling my locks and my thoughts about the year.

Today the red oolong is dizzyingly delicious, with notes of sweet honey, fragrant flowers, and mineral depth. I am so thankful that I can taste again, just two weeks ago my COVID-induced anosmia prevented me from even noticing salt. I take my tea back to the office for some sipping and rebrews. I have a great day planned: reading in the outdoor swing, taking a bubble bath, stretching and doing yoga and maybe some jogging. Lots of tea and lots of reflecting.

I want to read through my notebooks from last year, the goals I set and the “ah-ha” moments from those wellbeing conferences. I want to review the hours I spent working, what I was working on, the patients I’ve seen, the money I’ve spent, and how many days off I took. Last year I didn’t take half of my vacation days. This year, I took that many days off just in December, thanks to the COVID. I’ve had time for painting, reading, exercise, developing professionally, and being outdoors. I wonder where the upcoming new year will take me. I’m hoping I’ll be able to make some progress towards goals while avoiding overwork. It’s way too soon to tell, but I feel good about the start that I’m getting.

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