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Theology Class: April 2022 Update

As I teach Systematic Theology at the Nazarene Theological College of Central Africa (NTCCA), I find that each year is different than the last. I have taught this class since 2018, and each year I learn a bit more about how to ask questions and get my students talking among themselves – ideally about things which will really make a difference in their lives and in the lives of their churches.

Last week we discussed this year’s final assignment, which they turned in early. The assignment was to talk about ways that Christians and the churches they are a part of could live out their calling and bring in the Kingdom of Heaven. Many responses were very general, such as loving God or loving others, but with no details on how those things could be done. Receiving the assignments early ended up allowing a chance to talk more in depth about their answers, like how churches can help the people in their communities and show God’s love in practical ways. Perhaps the hardest part of this teaching is that those practical ways will look different in every community. Some churches may be able to bless their communities with feeding programs, while such a program may not be viable in others, or even helpful to some communities. In places like here in Malawi, something like an agricultural training followed by a farmers group may be more impactful than a church giving food over and over.

Celebrating Christina’s Birthday with her parents Finding how to show love in meaningful ways is not always an easy thing to do, and I am the first to tell my students that it is not my strong point. But just putting forth the question, and providing time to think about how that may be done is an exercise that is so necessary. If we never think about those we are trying to serve or their context, then the actions we take are not likely to be very meaningful or even loving. For these students, though, they still have some time to think about their callings and how they will honor God with their lives and make a difference in their communities. These students won’t be the ones graduating next weekend, but hopefully they are one step closer to being the men and women they were made to be, and making a positive difference in their spheres of influence.

This month, please join us in prayer for:

- Direction as we plan new trainings and some new directions in ministry with the church, at the refugee camp, and with wellbeing programs

- That we will have a good time with my parents as they journey with us for the rest of the month

- For recent deaths in our community which have strongly impacted a local family

Thank you for your prayers and support, - Greg + Christina

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