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April 2023 Monthly Details

Village and Pastoral Trainings

We’re working with Thoko, Nixon, and The Word Transforms to plan additional trainings in development for pastoral leaders, in composting for the village, and various healthcare topics, but especially cholera. We are excited about upcoming opportunities such as partnering with a retired nurse for translation and expanding our impact area, for Greg’s opportunity to speak about practical theology at seminary prior to NTCCA graduation, and for opportunities for Nazarene leadership to include transformative content in their extension program for village pastors. Christina may even be talking about health at a bridal shower next month! But all plans are held lightly around here, so please continue to pray for us and the teaching ministries.

Grant writing and Consulting

Christina has helped Loma Linda win a new 4-year grant for training preventive medicine doctors, and our proposal supporting Hawaii pastors in development of Missionary History curriculum for Christian schools was also awarded funds. We have advised Africa-based groups in programs ranging from healthcare and advocacy to art and wellbeing in recent months. We are in the process of creating a new nonprofit, Cornerstone Group Consultants, so that we can build teams of doctors, writers, subject experts, and administrative assistants from around the world to help plan excellent programs and build sustainability across many important projects.

Christina’s “Sabbatical”

April held our 11-year anniversary and Christina’s 37th birthday. Christina has been praying over some new ministry opportunities in Malawi and in the US, and has taken lots of time in her new backyard retreat room reading, praying, and just breathing deeply. Christina worked 60% more hours than planned this month, but she did rest most weekends, and two out of three national holidays. She also took a day away at Barefoot Lodge for a prayer retreat, spent some time in the gardens at local cafes, and read through 10 more books. We had friends over for tea about twice a week, and Christina has enjoyed brewing delicious cups of tea, baking sweets, and basking in our flowers and gardens.

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