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January 2024 Monthly Details

Mentorship and Discipleship

This month, Christina has been mentoring a surgical resident and an undergraduate student as they struggle with burnout.  Two of her favorite Malawian leaders are changing positions or considering how they might need to change trajectories as they pursue higher education in healthcare and leadership. 

Girls Groups with the Anglican Church

Mrs. Selemani coordinated an initial girl’s group outreach with teachers from multiple Anglican churches.  One of the church ladies counseled the girls on health issues and the groups are planning a sewing activity next. This picture shows young girls from these churches who gathered for dancing this month to celebrate St. Agness day (the girls in these church groups take St. Agness as a model).

Christmas with friends

Greg and I enjoyed a lovely Christmas at home together, with friends stopping by in the evening to sing us carols or share dinner.  We celebrated New Years at Greg’s Cousin’s place in Cape Town, where we had a beautiful view and enjoyed lots of delicious foods and teatimes.

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