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November 2023 Details

Teaching Pastors

Greg finished the training with the church leaders in the Mpingu area. Now we are in discussion about how to both follow up with this group of church leaders, and plan to meet with the surrounding areas as well. The time spent as a group went well, with great interaction between everyone involved. Please pray with us as we hope that these leaders can share what they learned with others.

Thanksgiving Poultry

For Thanksgiving, we had a quiet night at home. Greg bought a Guinea Fowl on the side of the road, which he cooked after our gardener Golden prepared it. I made the gravy and several small Thanksgiving desserts to go with it.

Vacation Vouchers

We successfully used up all our travel vouchers and enjoyed trips to Luwawa Forest Lodge and Mango Drift beach lodge in Likoma island. These were relaxing trips and helped Christina unplug from work and take a couple vacation days this month. We are learning how to take periods of rest by walking in the wildlife center in Lilongwe when we don’t have time to travel for the weekend.

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