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August 2023 Monthly Details

Health here and There

Greg has had some vision trouble this month, which seems to be related to a mix of dry weather, dust, and smoke in the air. It is possibly related to a bit of scaring from the corneal ulcer in his good eye earlier in the year. Christina has had some mild back pain for the last few months, but it got a bit severe in the last few days. Back home, Christina’s aunt Terry had a long hospital stay and was discharged with hospice. Christina was glad to be able to help advise the family through this process, and so far her Auntie has done well at home. Please continue to pray for health for us and for our families.

Currency Crises in Malawi

Malawi has devalued its currency a few times this year, but the bank rate remains about 60% below the rate in the parallel market, and up to 100% lower than the rate in the black market. This makes it difficult to import anything, and even some businesses, like the largest television provider, have left the country. There are increasing numbers of demonstrations at the high cost of living, and the fuel crises became so bad in the last month that people had to wait 36 hours in line for fuel. We praise God that we haven’t had to travel far, and that we can volunteer in Malawi instead of trying to turn a profit in business. But please do pray for the country, that people will be able to make living wages and that the currency will become more stable.

Greg’s Work

For the first time in our ministry in Malawi, Greg was not assigned any classes at NTCCA or ABC. While he had expected to teach at least at one college this semester, he is looking forward to the extra time available to work with churches in the community. He had one training with TWT and Nazarene Sunday School teachers, and is looking into ways to help church members expand the teachings available which help with community development and understanding the Kingdom of Heaven.

Christina’s “Sabbatical”

Nine months into trying to work less (40 hours per week) and think more about long-term goals, Christina is finding new ways to rest and enjoying a renewed love for reading scripture. She is on track to read through the Bible this year, as well as reading through the apocrypha and memorizing some of the psalms. Greg and Christina are planning to read the Pastoral Epistles together next. Christina has read 93 books in the last year and has submitted 10 small articles/abstracts for publication in the American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine, the American Journal of Public Health, and the American Family Physicians journal. Her goal is to take more vacation days off (she’s about 3 years behind on holidays and vacation days because she keeps working through them with one job or the other.) We’re planning to start off with an overnight on Nankoma Island in Lake Malawi.

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