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October Details 2023

Teaching Pastors

Greg has been asked to start an additional training for about 45 pastors in the Mphewa area. He is planning to start next week, and could use prayers for logistics and wisdom as he moves forward teaching two cohorts at the same time. For more information, see the story about this at

Travel Plans

We hope to travel to a forest lodge this weekend as trip #2 of the 3 trips we won in a raffle. Christina had planned to take a trip to Israel in December, and now that is being refunded, we are considering whether we should travel in Malawi over the holidays or down to South Africa to see family. Christina took 3 days off last month and is looking forward to taking more vacation in the future.

In the Community

This month, we partnered with our friend Roberta to source books to equip a school for orphaned children. We also helped retired nurse Mrs. Selemani as she developed a vision casting event/screening activity with the Anglican churches. We are looking forward to how we can work together to pair health and sound theological teaching in this new network.

Banana Bonanza

The banana tree we planted 2 years ago has produced tons of deliciously sweet bananas. We are enjoying banana bread, banana muffins, banana soft serve, and bananas foster as we try to use up all the bananas.

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