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June 2022 Details

A Bit about Us

Greg is legally blind in his right eye and relies on his left eye for most of his vision. Mid-month, he experienced severe pain and vision loss in his good eye after getting stuck in the eye by a rose bush. Christina was working from home that morning and able to provide first aid within minutes and get him to an eye clinic within an hour. He had a corneal abrasion – a shallow ulcer on the top of his eye that just missed the vision center. We praise God that Greg improved within just one day and is now back to normal. We are thankful for the prayers of protection and healing from our faithful friends.

In the Clinic

Christina is using emails and phone calls to help reduce the wait times for her days in clinic, and is working with a wonderful nonprofit team to start keeping digital medical records instead of relying on notes jotted down on papers which can be lost. She is looking forward to how better records will improve the way that she can monitor and advise patients over time, especially for their chronic diseases. This month had some particularly difficult days, a patient with symptoms concerning for breast cancer, 4-week old with severe jaundice (yellow eyes and skin) who probably had a medical condition, and an adolescent girl losing strength and sensation on one side of her body. Treatment of these patients has been difficult due to challenges in laboratory testing, imaging quality, and specialist availability. Through it all, there have been incredible cases of healing, times to glorify God for improvements, and chances to talk to patients about their life priorities. Please continue to pray for the patients Christina sees, for wisdom for her and healing for them.

In the Villages

This month, Greg, along with pastors we have been working with, attended a composting training with The Word Transforms group, and helped continue making plans for follow-up and mentorship in the Mphewa area.I am about halfway through a booklet on church-based women’s health trainings, and Thoko is planning for another teaching day for young women, deeper in the villages in July. Greg has encouraged two churches to send teams to a Worldview workshop next month, and generous donations have also allowed us to help support our local DS as he finishes coursework and takes certificate-level exams on Community Development and Public Health later this year.We continue looking forward to opportunities for pastors to help their communities by sharing good news, healing, and breaking

A Trip Back for Family and Conferences

We have been a bit more stressed than usual planning a trip back in the fall. We had intended a 2 month mini-furlough which has extended to a 3-month trip across 9 states for 4 conferences, 7 speaking events, and visiting family in 6 different regions. All our flights are one-way, connecting us to the next destination, and we have booked about half of the 12 necessary flights. Please pray for us as the planning has been more complicated and draining than usual. We would appreciate prayers for wisdom in timing and that this trip would be useful for connecting, sharing, and refreshing our own spirits and vision.

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