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Miller's March 2023 Details

Tropical Cyclone Freddy Relief

We partnered with Red Cross Malawi to help provide relief to those hit hardest by Cyclone Freddy. While we just had heavy rains and some blackouts in the Central Region, down in the South an estimated 350,000 individuals displaced, 1000 injured, 438 dead, and many still missing. Some estimates report an quarter of the country’s food has been destroyed during and after the storm. Please keep Malawi in your prayers during this time of relief and recovery.

Village Trainings

A week after the training about cholera at Mngwangwa, Thoko says the teaching “Has really made an impact, 4 people started making ORS.” Christina also had the opportunity to work with her friend Sue to bring a women’s health training to a group of 88 primary school girls at Ngala ya pa Kamwa village. Greg is continuing to work with leaders at NTCCA to develop practical trainings for pastors in the villages.

Friends Visiting

We hosted a good friend, in March, Jason Blanchard, former CEO of Malamulo Hospital in the South. It was great to catch up and hear about his new vision for building healthcare capacity in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Trip to the Lake

Greg and I spent a complimentary weekend at the lake at our friends’ lovely Danforth Retreat. It was some of the best rest we’ve had at the lake, due in part to heavy rains which kept us under cover instead of in the sun on the first day. Although we planned too go home after two nights, flooding made the road impassable, so we stayed another night. This was the first time we’ve stayed at one place in Malawi for more than two nights. Overall, it was a nice way to welcome in Holy Week.

Christina’s “Sabbatical”

Christina has finally decorated the guest room in her backyard into a retreat area where she can read and be away from work and technology. Whether she spends 15 minutes or an hour there, it has been a great place for solitude and prayer. Christina is also planning to spend one night away from home on a prayer retreat during the first week of April. Please pray that this will be a time of rest and direction.

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